Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Thursday Three - House stuff

Blake is LOVING Halloween this year. Grandma Wendy sent him a fun dragon costume that has been attached to Blake's body since it arrived. We have had a lot of fun this Halloween and look forward to more fun this weekend.

Three projects we have done in our house.
1. Blinds. I am so excited to finally have them up. They look great and I don't feel so exposed. Matt did a great job installing them and I like to believe I was a fabulous assistant. Thanks to our friends for all the recommendations on how and where to buy our blinds.

2. Staining the fence. I was actually kind of excited about doing this one but the fun of the painting wore off after only a few minutes. We still managed to get it done and just in time because we have had rain ever since. As you can imagine, Blake was a HUGE help with this project.

3. Shelves in the garage. We are slowly working our way to fitting both cars in the garage. Matt worked for two Saturdays with our friend Kevin (who was a big help and who we hope still calls us friends after taking up two of his Saturdays. Thank you so much!). They busted these shelves out and we love them!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Thursday Three

I am back. Not sure why I was gone for so long. Here are three things Matt has bought from Amazon in the last six weeks. Not the only three but it is Thursday so I will limit myself.

1. garage door opener.
2. bungee cords (because seriously the number of times I have said if only I had one more bungee cord I could ___________. We are set for awhile.)
3. umbrella (where does he think we live?)

So what I am telling you is before you buy anything ask yourself this, "Could I find it cheaper on Amazon?" I am not saying you will but I sure get asked this question a lot!!