Wednesday, September 23, 2009


When we moved into our house we got lots of advice and tips from our realtor, inspector and people who worked with the builder. Since we have never owned a home before we were taking notes and trying to remember everything.

I think the most important advice we got was during our final walk through when we were told this,
"When you go number one, flush one. When you go number two, flush two."

I think that is something we can live by.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Thursday Three - Dinner

We are in the middle of packing to move to our new house this weekend and while the packing is going well our standard of living is going down. Here are the three things we ate for dinner last night.

1. Frozen burritos
2. Frozen pizza (are you seeing a trend?)
3. Instant mashed potatoes

I have packed our entire kitchen save a few bowls, cups and utensils. Blake got a vegetable with today's lunch so I have not totally given up. His lunch yesterday however was 90% hostess cupcake and 10% baked beans.

We'll survive two more days of this, no problem. I do have a feeling that at some point during dinner tonight we'll hear the phrase, "would you like fries with that?" You do what you have to do and we are loving it.

I hate posts with no pictures and that is all I have been doing lately. Here is a cute one of Blake until I have time to take more. If you would like to see the Troll in person, we have a guest room waiting for you!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Thursday Three

Three Thoughts

1. I had a birthday this week and it was great. I really love birthdays and I especially loved the carrot cake Matt made. So good!! I was sitting in Barnes and Noble on my birthday and Blake decided that would be a great time to take a large, stinky poop. (sorry for that description, but I call them like I see them, and smell them). I decided that the sales lady really should change it for me since it was my birthday. I waited and waited until I knew she could smell it, but I could tell she was not going to make a move so I just did it myself. I was explaining this to my new brother-in-law, Eric, and he made this clever observation,

"That's the bummer with birthdays and good haircuts. You walk around thinking everyone notices this new thing about you but nobody does except those who care."

I guess the Barnes and Noble lady and me are not as close as I thought.

2. I had a few requests for this recipe. You must make them now!! Matt's brother Todd always doubles the recipe and makes them in a cookie sheet and since he taught me how to make them, I go big. You won't regret the massive amounts of scoobs it makes. Don't bother with the fact that the recipe calls them Scotcheroos. Scooby Snacks sounds much more sophisticated.

3. Having pancake night once a week for dinner was a genius idea. They are from scratch so at least it shows some effort on my part.

Edited to add: I use milk chocolate chips in the scoobs. Much better choice.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Every Gym Has Them...

I recently joined a gym and am finally getting comfortable with all the machines and knowing where things are. I have only sat backwards on a machine once and quickly figured it out before anyone saw (at least I like to believe no one saw). I have perfected the "stretching of my calves" as I casually glance at the directions for machines I am not familiar with. I think it was my sister who pointed out that the directions are on the machines for a reason, but somehow I still feel like a loser stopping to read how they work.

Here are my favorite people at the gym:

Intense lady who goes to every class. She doesn't just attend, but she is always doing something extra. When everyone else is just walking it out, she is walking it out and pumping her arms in the air. Give it up lady, you are not better than everyone else.

There are the group worker outers who always seem to be having a good time and working hard together. In my case it is two guys and a girl. Maybe one day I can be your 4th when you do your sit-ups. Would it hurt you to just ask?

Then there is the guy that is too cool. When I showed up to spin class and put on a bandanna just like his, he left early. Chill out, there is room for two of us, cowboy.

Then there are the guys who chill in the free weight section who are super intense and act like I am in their way when doing my lunges. Just because we can't swap steroid stories and give each other supplement advice doesn't mean we can't share the mirror.

I am sad that I will have to quit this gym. It is too far from our new house. I am really going to miss my new friends.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Thursday Three - Comfort food

You know how people say if you don't laugh, you'll cry. Well, today I chose crying. Sometimes it is just the better choice. Here are three other things that cheered me up today.

1. Scooby Snacks. So glad I froze some from my last batch. There are so many reasons that I am happy that I married Matt, but a big one is that his brother Todd introduced me to scoobs.

2. Blake. Do you see those pictures below? Enough said.

3. Naps. You know the kind I am talking about. The get your jammies back on, slide under the covers, snuggle up even though you know you should do the dishes kind of nap.

Everyone has bad days. I am sure tomorrow will be better. But just in case there are more scoobs in the freezer.

Here are some pictures from our hike last weekend. We are not so much campers and even hiking is not always high on our list, but we heard this hike was fun. Blake loved it. For the next two days he just wanted to go back and "climb the mountain." If I got to ride on Matt's shoulders the whole way then I might like "climbing the mountain" a whole lot more.