Thursday, March 27, 2008

Thursday Three

Three things I am wishing for:
1. It would start to finally warm up. Being in the low 40s is not considered warming up.
2. That the lady at the doctor's office wouldn't refer to me as "kiddo," especially when she is only about 15 seconds older than me.
3. That Blake would start talking instead of screaming. Bless his heart and my ears.

Here are a few pictures of our Easter weekend.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Thursday Three

Three things that made me sad this week..

1. Saying goodbye to Austin. I went home this last week and had a great time with my family. Paige and her crew along with Grandma Jan and Grandpa Paul made it a super fun week. We went to the rodeo, out to eat, watched movies, and played with cousins. We had so much fun with my family, but it was sad to say goodbye to the house. Lots of mems, my friends, lots of mems! My parents will be NYC residents in just a few weeks.

2. Blake not taking a nap on the flight home. Longest three hours of my life.

3. Coming home and pouring myself a bowl of cereal starving from a day of travel and so pumped for good cereal only to open the fridge and find no milk!! The milk I had bought before I left had an expiration date for after I got back so I thought for sure it would be there. Matt who got home before us told me it went "bad." Sure it did, honey!!

Monday, March 3, 2008

Dancing Queen

Here are some things about our recent trip to Charlotte, NC.
1. We don't say "hate" or "oh my gosh." Apparently I say those words a lot, but my nieces kept me in check.

2. My nieces use the word wet as a noun. "I need to do a wet" or "i just did a wet and need a wiper" For some reason it always makes me laugh. In case you were wondering, Uncle Matt was the wiper of choice while we were there. He is so lucky.

3. They are having a water shortage in Charlotte and while it is not required, it was recommended (from the city) to not flush the toilet when just taking a wet. I was told that it didn't apply to guests.

4. There is no limit to how much Abba you can listen to in a day.

5. Funny quote from Berks, "I don't want to see nobody naked."

We had a great time with Pat and Mer. Thanks for a fun spring break!!