Wednesday, February 24, 2010

It's no Thursday Three...

The other day I was straightening my area rug and out popped a green peanut m&m. Best. Day. Ever. Not only did I eat it but I was REALLY excited about finding it.

Monday, February 15, 2010


Blake is making me crazy. I know when you see his cute face you can't imagine him ever doing anything other than make you smile, but don't let him fool you. Blake is his own man. He is super stubborn. I wonder where he gets it??

Right now we are battling out the Potty Training. Before any of you calculate just how old Blake is....STOP. He really should be all done but allow this post to explain. Here is what is making me so mad. He can do it. He has been pooping on the toilet for a few months. He just refuses to finally conquer the pee. After some tears (mostly mine), lots of clean up and many loads of laundry, I finally have decided that he'll just do it when he wants. He has a track record of taking his sweet time.

  • Walking - 14 months. He could totally do it but just refused. It was funny to watch his buddies run circles around him for months.
  • Eating Solid food - 12 months. Yes, most of your little ones start about 4-6 months but Blake REFUSED anything but liquids until he had a full set of teeth! It was crazy.
  • Talking - I don't remember when but let's just say he kept to himself to quite awhile. He was happy with his "noise" for communication. If you know about the noise, I hope your ears have recovered.

So, I guess on potty training we are on Blake Time. He can do it. We both know he can but I can feel him holding out on me. I am sure one day I will be so glad that Blake knows what he wants and how to get it but for now we'll just keep buying diapers.

Side note: I would say leave your advice and you are welcome to do that but chances are we have tried it. Most things seem to backfire or have zero effect. Take for instance our sticker chart. Notice how many stickers there are. Really Blake, how many more stickers do we need to go through to figure this out?