Sunday, December 16, 2007

I woke up to this picture this morning and was very disappointed until....

....the phone rang and we found out that church is postponed until 10:00am (instead of 9:00am) and we are only having sacrament meeting. Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

What goes around, comes around

I don't know what the problem is with us, but we have got to get it together. I borrowed a glue gun from a friend because my mini glue gun wasn't cutting it for one of my projects. When she brought it over it came in a hard cover carrying case. I'll be honest while I thought it was a little intense, I was totally jealous! This thing is amazing. I get my craft done (only after breaking one of my pieces of glass which didn't make me very happy) and I am packing up the glue gun to find I am missing a little white plastic piece that goes on top. I start to panic. What am I going to do? Earlier that day a wonderful Christmas package came in the mail from my parents and the packing peanuts were all over the table. I had cleared my table of the peanuts and I had a sinking feeling that the little while plastic piece got thrown out as well! Back to the garbage for Megan. Luckily it hadn't been taken out to the dumpster yet, but it was sitting out on the porch. I got through half before I couldn't take the smell. Lucky for me Matt thought it was a fair trade for him to dig through the second half for me since I jumped in a dumpster for him. What a guy!! Guess what was at the bottom of the bag?? Thanks Matt.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Thursday Three

3 things you maybe didn't know about my husband

1. He is the biggest BYU fan ever. And I mean ever. Few people I have met (beside my Grandpa) can rival the love Matt has for the Cougs. It is always fun watching the games with him (well, only if we win).

2. He served his mission in Albania. What's great is that he uses his fluent Albanian constantly. Oh wait, the only time he has used his Albanian in the time I have known him was to order the biggest (and very tasty) calzone I have ever seen from a great Albanian pizza place in Boston. (thanks to Pat for taking us there)

3. He is a really great dad. He loves coming home to Blake and will usually call on his way home to see if I will keep Blake up until he gets home so he can hang out with him before he goes down for bed. He is so patient with Blake and loves to teach him new things.

For the record, Blake only uses Mr. Binks in his crib for naps and bedtimes. So far, so good. This picture was taken about five weeks ago and we have made huge strides since then.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Head First

Today Rocks! I got up, went to the gym, hit the Meijer (like a wal-mart), went to Target, ran into Joanns and got home all before 9:15am. Matt doesn't have class today so he was able to be home with Blake. It was so nice to do errands by myself.

Since Matt stayed home later than he usually would, I told him I would drive him to campus. As we were walking out the door he couldn't find his leather folder with his resumes and recruiting stuff. After searching the apartment he looked in his car and it wasn't there. The look on his face was priceless when he realized he threw it out last night in the dumpster by accident. Lucky for him it was still there and extra lucky for him he has a fabulous wife who hopped in to get it for him. Matt held open the lid and I dove in head first and was able to grab it. He was a gentleman and held the lid open for me.

What a day!! I can't wait to see how the rest turns out.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Thursday Three

Three things the Mullins didn't really want to hear this week.
1. Weather Woman, "It is going to warm up today to 15 degrees." (did she really say WARM UP?)
2. "Would Matt be willing to be Santa this year at the ward Christmas party?" (luckily someone else actually did want to be Santa so Matt is off the hook)
3. "The tow truck will be there within the hour." (Loving that I got in Matt's car and it wouldn't start.)

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Creche Exhibit

Tonight we hosted at the Creche Exhibit at our church. There were over 1,000 nativities displayed using almost every room available. We held sacrament meeting in our homes. It was so amazing to see all the different countries nativities and how they interpret what things looked like. In case you are wondering what it means to host.... Pretty much we got to wear buttons that said host and just stand there and look busy so the cute (but a little intense) older ladies didn't come over and give us more directions.

Charge it

About two years ago, Matt and I decided to go to Whole Foods for dinner. We were really excited as it was fairly new to Austin and it was huge and we had heard such great things about it. We drove about 20 or so minutes to get there, walked in and had no idea what to do. There were so many choices and everything looked so good. Finally we made our choice. I went with different salads and had it all wrapped up in a container and Matt had gotten a plate full of steak and mac and cheese. We get up the counter to pay and she gives us the total. We both look at each other and realize at the same time that neither of us had our wallets. I usually carry a purse with my wallet inside, but decided not to this time since Matt always (well, I guess not always) has his. We both just stood there unsure of what to do. It's not like we could just put our stuff back. It was all served up and ready to eat. We just set it down and got out of there as fast as we could.

We had a flashback moment to whole foods when two nights ago when Matt ran up the Kroger for some milk and a few other items. He calls on his way home to say he was in the check out line and realized he didn't have his wallet. Sweet. He came home got it and went back for our food.