Friday, June 19, 2009


Here are a few things you should know before going to Ikea.
First, bring bread. You must leave a bread trail behind you or you will never ever get out on your own. Trust me. Second, don't buy anything unless you know it will fit in your car. Seems like common sense I know, but thought it was worth a mention. It was great when it started to rain on the way home. Don't worry, we are not white trash all the time.

Third, if let your kid push the cute kid carts around Ikea you are in for a long trip. Sure at first it is super fun, but after about 20 minutes of walking at a snails pace as they navigate through the store you want to die and regret fully your decision to not strap them into a regular cart. And lastly plan on your child using the .99 cent shoe horn as a weapon. They can and will hurt themselves and possibly others. Luckily the lady who Blake hit was kind and just kept walking.
The trip was worth it though and we now have cubbies for Blake's toys! I am looking forward to filling it up and organizing it tomorrow.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Thursday Three on Steroids

Lots and lots of Thursday Three. There really should be more pictures, but I don't have any.

Three fun pictures of Meredith's Wedding. We had so much fun in NYC and it was really nice to be there with my whole family.
1. Lots and lots of cousin time. Blake was in heaven.2.Blake getting his grove on at the wedding dinner. Mere and Eric picked great music and we all had a great time dancing. Paige even busted out the robot and I may have done the sprinkler.
3. Meredith looking beautiful with all her nieces and nephews. Pictures in Central Park were really fun despite how hot we were.

Three fun things we did in SLC with Matt's family. We enjoy a fun filled week and here are a few highlights. I wish we had more pictures or any pictures. As usual we had way too many late nights with Des and Eric, but it was worth it.
1. Lots of playing outside with cousins. Poor Blake has not know what to do with himself since we got home and there are no kids.
2. A tour of Kennecott Mines and eating at our favorite Utah places!! Thanks Sheri.
3. Watching our nephews finish out their baseball season. Way to go boys.

Three things that make traveling super fun.
1. Blake throwing up in cab ride to the airport all over himself and his blanket. Great way to start the trip.
2. Me getting really sick just as the plane took off and trying to get warm under the super nice airline blankets. Just two quick hours in the walk in clicic (for the second time since we moved here six weeks ago) and I got my second prescription. Let the healing begin.
3. The delicious bag of 10 peanuts they give you like it will really tied you over the whole six hour flight.

Three things we love about our new place. We are still renting while we look for a house, but we are loving our new set up.
1. A real dishwasher.
2. A garage. Our first one since we have been married and totally worth the wait.
3. An island in the kitchen.

Now that we are back home and settled, please please come and visit. That means you!!