Thursday, January 14, 2010

Thursday Three - Camera

Grandma and Grandpa gave Blakester a digital camera for Christmas. It has proved to be a great gift. I think we have some real talent on our hands! Here are 3 favorites.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Thursday Three - Christmas Vacation

Three things that happen when you leave to see family and cousins for Christmas Vacation.

1. Your house feels really empty when you get home with no cousins to play with.
2. Your 3 year old figures out that our names are Matt and Megan and has been using them frequently to get our attention. Too many days with nieces and nephews calling us that and it has caught on. It is actually really funny to me and I am sure it will wear off soon.
3. You end up staying up too late and eating too much but it is totally worth it.

Here are some pictures of the holiday. This really doesn't do justice to what we did, who we saw and how much fun we had but it is all I got for now.

Blake loving the airplane
He is obsessed with flashlights right now.
Breakfast with cousins.