Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Thursday Three

I realized that if I am going to continue posting on the blog I need to disclose some information otherwise people are just going to think I am getting really really fat in my pictures!!

Blake is going to have a baby brother this fall. We are beyond excited. It has been a long and somewhat painful process to get here but for now we are glad all of that is behind us.

I won't give all the details here but would really like to say thank you to our friends and especially our families for helping us get here. The last two years have been full of lots of emotions, loss, needles, doctor visits, tears (both happy and sad), and now such happiness and gratitude as we wait for the birth of a new baby.

Waiting for baby number 2 was much harder for me than waiting for Blake. Watching Blake get bigger and reach milestones was really difficult. I almost didn't enjoy them because all I could think was that he would be so old by the time he got a sibling. Lucky for me Blake decided he would hold off on potty training so he wouldn't get too big too fast. He is so good to me.

With that said, to make this a true Thursday three here are three things about this pregnancy:
1. Feeling your baby move is so fun. Sometimes it is a little creepy and uncomfortable but I really love it.
2. Blake also thinks he is pregnant. He doesn't believe me when I say only ladies have babies.
3. We will never be able to come up with a name for this baby. My nephew came up with Rocket and Blake has decided that is the perfect name. So unless Matt and I get serious, Rocket it is!