Thursday, May 29, 2008

Thursday Three - Little Mere

Three funny things about Mere's first day in Seattle.

1. I don't think these pictures need a caption.

2. When Mere said, "Home is where the macaroon is," in reference to our hunt for what we have heard are "to die for macaroons."  Trip one was unsuccessful, but we'll be back to the market for anther try.

3. We had to babysit tonight so two families in the ward could go and contact less active members.  At one point Mere said, "I am afraid that kid is going to punch me in the neck with that car."  Sadly, she wasn't joking!!  Quite an adventure.

We are all so glad that she is here.  Can't wait for more fun tomorrow!!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

You must be joking

My friend Jenn was kind enough to let me tag along to swim lessons with her family so I could shop at the Albertsons across the street.  I didn't have enough to justify a delivery but still have enough that I needed a full size store, which they don't have downtown yet, so I jumped at the chance.  

On the way home she dropped me off in the parking garage and I got to the elevator and they were not working!  WHAT AM I GOING TO DO??  I have Blake, my big blue Ikea bag full of groceries, and a gallon of milk.  With frozens and meat needing to get in the fridge I made the dreaded walk to the stairs.  I did 12 flights of stairs carrying everything.  Blake knows how to do stairs, but it would have taken forever to get all the way to the top.  I am not sure if I will ever stop sweating or if my calfs will be the same again.

Days like today I dream of a garage!!

Bienvenido a call notes

First, my family.  Paige, who even though we have emailed about four times and talked once already, can always help me kill a half hour on the phone if I need to pass some time.  Little Mere always knows just the right time to call and just say hi.  My mom checks in often and I am so happy to visit with her almost daily despite our time difference.  My dad and Pat always call to check in and it is so nice of them to think of me even though their lives are super busy with work.

Second, my friends who email me consistently through the week.  I love getting emails!!  Not as much as real mail, but it is a close second.  Thanks to my Ann Arbor friends for keeping me in the loop.  If you are reading this and have not emailed me yet, consider this an early thank you and feel free to get started!! 

Third, Blake!  How can you not have fun with this little man.  

Fourth, Matt.  He comes on all my weekend adventures with me.  He doesn't complain and he makes it fun.  We were especially touristy this weekend, but had a good time.  Also, thanks for Tivo.

Bottom line, keep the calls and emails coming people!  I need you.  

Here are some pictures of us at the aquarium, on a boat tour, and the children's museum.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Who wouldn't love it here

This week the best thing happened to me.  I had my groceries delivered.  That's right, with no car this seemed like a simple solution.  I just went online, picked out what I wanted, and then they appeared right at my door within a two hour window of my choice.  I am in Heaven.  

Then, just when i didn't think things could get any better, the maid showed up.  That's right, I said maid.  We have a maid service.  Fresh sheets, fresh towels, clean kitchen and bathrooms, and all the garbages emptied.  

What a life!  I am never leaving.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Thursday Three - Infomercials

I love infomercials.  I want to buy all of them.  Here are a few that I am interested in. What are your favorites?

Handy Switch

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Three Reasons Seattle Made Me Happy Today

1. The banana the produce guy gave me with my broccoli for little Blake.
2. Running into someone I knew at the market.  I pretty much AM Seattle.
3. Finding a little grocery store tucked behind the market with enough things to get me through in between big shops!!  

Pretty much a big day in Seattle.  Gotta go, Blake wants his banana.  
(Pictures:  Blake enjoying some down time and Matt's first day of work)

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Later Fools!

That was pretty much what Blake said to us Sunday on his first day of nursery.  No hesitation, no concerns about the new ward and new people, he just headed straight for the trike and he was all set.  

I love this kid.

Friday, May 9, 2008

So far so good

Seattle is shaping up to be pretty good.  We got our first big shop out of the way and it only took 4 trips to get it all up to the 12th floor.  Everything takes a little extra thought logistically, but we made it and it was great to get it out of the way.

Here are a few features we are loving about the apartment.
1. CARPET!!  Don't get me wrong, I love hardwood floors, even though I am not sure you can really classify our floors as hardwood in Ann Arbor.  Carpet is wonderful!!
2. The bathroom mirror is a skinny mirror.  I leave there feeling super cute and super skinny.  We also have two bathrooms!  Bonus.
3. Garbage shoot.  It is right down the hall making it super convenient for diapers and trash.
4. Blake's closet is big enough to be his new play room.  He loves it.
5.  The shower makes me feel like a giant (seeing how tall I am, it takes a lot to make me feel that way)  It is a very shallow tub so I feel like I could just hop over the shower rod. Very funny.

Here are some things we are loving about Seattle.  
1.  The best grilled cheese and mac and cheese I think I have ever had.
2. Pikes Market. It is just a block away and we have been three times.  Great for fresh produce and meats and seafood.  I am glad it is so close.
3.  The public library.  We have our library cards and have checked out books.  I feel like a native already.
4. The bus.  I did it.  I rode the bus and I think I can do it again.  They don't come as often as I like so sometimes walking it just faster, but it is going to work out just fine.
5. Church.  Church was great today and I think we are going to find we are needed to serve and it will be a great way to get involved.
Check back for more adventures.

Thursday Three

We have only been gone 24 hours, but here are Three Things I miss about Ann Arbor

1. My body pillow.
2. Our car.
3. My sleep.  With the three hour time difference Blake was up bright and early this morning.

With that said, Seattle IS going to be great.  We had a super easy travel day yesterday and made it all the way here with five bags, a car seat, two carry ons, and a stroller.  Our new place is great and even has a dishwasher.  Talk about fancy!!  

I'll admit I am a little scared to start getting around the city.  Riding the bus makes me more nervous than you would think, but I am going to do it.  Getting set up for 14 weeks will be a little hard with no car and stores I am unfamiliar with, but that will make the challenge more interesting.  I have already spotted a Ross and a Bed Bath and Beyond so we are on our way.  

Blake is already making friends.  We had one nice man already stop us on the street to tell us how he was enjoying Blake's "noise."  If you have not been around Blake before he loves to chatter, yell and express himself. Most of the time he is happy and wants everyone to know what he is thinking.  Seattle is not going to know what hit it!!

Our apartment is very close to the Red Robin so I figure if I get lost, I will sniff out the bottomless fries and find my way home.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Chicago or Bust

We took a family trip to Chicago and had a great time. We hopped on the train and a short 4 1/2 hours later we got there. Blake actually really loved the train and it is so much easier than driving. We only had one minor emergency when we lost the bink a few hours into the first day of the trip. Lucky for us we found out Blake will take any bink (we have always used the kind he got from the hospital) so a quick trip to the Walgreens and we were on our way again. You can see from the pictures that Blake caught a nap whenever he could!!
Navy Pier Carousel. Blake was not really a fan, but it was still fun.

Navy Pier

Lincoln Park Zoo
For those that have seen me pack this was really impressive for me to fit our stuff in two bags.
More Zoo
Fun on the train

Millennium Park
Sleeping on the train.
In the hotel
Playing at the park.

Thursday Three

It is a lot late, but here it is.
Three Reasons I am glad Matt is done with his first year of MBA school.

1. Only one year to go!!
2. We can look back on such fun memories and what great friends we have made since coming here last fall. We have been really lucky.
3. We can finally start our much anticipated internship this summer. We have wondered since Matt started school where (and if) he would find an internship and are so excited that it is finally here.

A little shout to my brother-in-law Brent and my sister Mere for also finishing their first year of grad school as well. What an impressive bunch.