Saturday, May 3, 2008

Chicago or Bust

We took a family trip to Chicago and had a great time. We hopped on the train and a short 4 1/2 hours later we got there. Blake actually really loved the train and it is so much easier than driving. We only had one minor emergency when we lost the bink a few hours into the first day of the trip. Lucky for us we found out Blake will take any bink (we have always used the kind he got from the hospital) so a quick trip to the Walgreens and we were on our way again. You can see from the pictures that Blake caught a nap whenever he could!!
Navy Pier Carousel. Blake was not really a fan, but it was still fun.

Navy Pier

Lincoln Park Zoo
For those that have seen me pack this was really impressive for me to fit our stuff in two bags.
More Zoo
Fun on the train

Millennium Park
Sleeping on the train.
In the hotel
Playing at the park.


merathon said...

looks like a fun trip-- apparently you packed in the sights!

by the way, you are looking fabulous, megs! (that was NOT a sarcastic comment-- i'm serious!)

Meredith said...

What fun!

And I was thinking the same thing as ditto. Ditto, Ditto. You look like a total babe!

Matt and blake too!

Leslie said...

that looks like SO much fun. we're going to have to talk I would love to do that someday!!

Keepin' up with the Jones' said...

i said the same thing as both mere's. you look great.

what a great time you guys had. was that really blakes bed?

Corinne said...

looks like a fun trip Megs...and I don't want to be left out so, you are looking fabulous...but seriously, you are hot! I got your message..the mother in law is in town, I will call you when she leaves...thursdayish! love ya!

Gina said...

Megs. You look like such a hottie!
Fun trip!

Jess said...

How fun! You look great Megan. So fun to see pictures of your cute family.

Greg and Tammy said...

Fun trip! And congrats to Matt on finishing up year one!!

amydear said...

I love Chicago and have always wanted to ride the train there. Looks like a great weekend. And I guess I should say you look hot, but I feel kind of weird doing that. : ) Happy Seattle summer!

Kelly said...

I love Chicago. Glad you got to have some fun there.