Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Bienvenido a call notes

First, my family.  Paige, who even though we have emailed about four times and talked once already, can always help me kill a half hour on the phone if I need to pass some time.  Little Mere always knows just the right time to call and just say hi.  My mom checks in often and I am so happy to visit with her almost daily despite our time difference.  My dad and Pat always call to check in and it is so nice of them to think of me even though their lives are super busy with work.

Second, my friends who email me consistently through the week.  I love getting emails!!  Not as much as real mail, but it is a close second.  Thanks to my Ann Arbor friends for keeping me in the loop.  If you are reading this and have not emailed me yet, consider this an early thank you and feel free to get started!! 

Third, Blake!  How can you not have fun with this little man.  

Fourth, Matt.  He comes on all my weekend adventures with me.  He doesn't complain and he makes it fun.  We were especially touristy this weekend, but had a good time.  Also, thanks for Tivo.

Bottom line, keep the calls and emails coming people!  I need you.  

Here are some pictures of us at the aquarium, on a boat tour, and the children's museum.


Keepin' up with the Jones' said...

ty has that same shirt. you make a great scuba diver, megs. i'm not even in a strange place and i still need people to call me and get me through the day. looks like you have a lot of support.

janel said...

Internships are great for the boys, but can be so lame for the girls! Hang in there. It's fun to read your blog.

Heather said...

Looks like you guys are having fun! By the way, I just sent you an email five minutes ago...before I read your blog :). We miss you!

Katie said...

Seattle is such a fun town and I so miss living on the west coast. Seriously, if you're stil there when I'm up there this summer, let's get together!!!