Thursday, September 20, 2007

Thursday III Part 5

3 Questions to which I don't think I will ever find out the answer.

1. Why is it that more often than not, the cart I choose at the store has broken straps for Blake, but I don't realize until after I have my bag and Blake in place? So annoying!
2. Why does Blake act like he is not hungry and won't eat anything I give him while he is in his high chair, but as soon as I sit down for dinner, he is at my feet begging for a bite as if he is starving?
3. Why do I always forget one item at the grocery store that I really need, but don't realize until the next day and then I have to go back to the store? (see number one to see why this is even more annoying!)

What questions do you have?


Paul said...

And, is Michael Jackson really the King of Pop.

Keepin' up with the Jones' said...

why does my 2 1/2 year old sleep more than my 5 month old.

why do i have bad hair days most days.

why do my kids poop so much.

why does dad post on your blog and not mine.

why am i constantly hungry

Anitra said...

why dont you blog more?

Walker family said...

Megan, all of those are very true.I wonder...

Why every cart I get at any store squeaks or can not be maneuvered through aisles?

Why is it your kids are perfectly fine till you pick up the phone to have a conversation?

Katie, Bryan, Bryce & Bryleigh said...

When you find the answer to those questions, please let me know!! :)
I've not reading anyone's comments yet, but the questions I have are:

Why are the kids fine until I get on the phone (which is one reason I'm not up for talking on the phone much)

Why when one kid gets sick does the other have to get sick

Why don't all diapers work the same way

Kelly said...

Why is my laundry room constantly calling my name, but I pretend I can't hear it?

Corinne said...

Why does Kate wake up at 5:30 am?

Why does Sam always have a blow out right after I finish the laundry?

ps - I hate shopping carts...they never work right!

CAMI said...

Meg - I do #3 like it is my J-O-B...seriously I should get paid because I am so good at it. The real kicker is when I get home, realize I forgot it, and then pull out that stupid list and it is right there - starring me down.

Why do babies sometimes poo poo in the tubby?
Why do we have to cook?
Why do kids have constant running noses?
Why do some people get on my nerves and then I feel bad because they are on my nerves (does that make sense?)?