Thursday, August 28, 2008

Thursday Three

Three additions to our place that have made a huge difference this year.

1. The Hoop. Such a great find on craigslist and Blake is loving it.

2. The basement. It might not look like much, but we put carpet down and made it a play room for Blake. It has been a life saver when our place starts to feel cramped upstairs (hard to imagine we would feel cramped in our luxurious 800 square feet, but it happens from time to time)

3. The Satellite. Matt, being the die-hard that he is, worked his way into the the hearts of the satellite company's staff to get a great deal so he could watch the Cougars play this year.
PS We also got a dishwasher. To quote my friend Barb when I asked her how she liked her "new" dishwasher she said, "it has rocked my world." I couldn't agree more. It doesn't even bother me that it takes up our whole entire kitchen when we wheel it in to hook it up every couple of days. The best part of the deal is it was FREE!!


Steph said...

LOVE IT, LOVE IT --- we are FOR SURE getting a b-ball hoop the second Cash is old enough to play with it ---- and the basement sounds nice too --- also, we were out a dishwasher for 2 months and i definitely felt the same once it was fixed!!! We are jealous of the tv for cougar ball --- trying to figure out where to watch the game tomorrow if possible!!!!

greg & allyson said...

Sounds like good stuff to me! A dishwasher is a wonderful thing!--by the way, remember when we lived together and we would never run the dishwasher because i didn't think we ever had enough dishes--what was i thinking? such a nerd, i know :)

Keepin' up with the Jones' said...

a toy for blake. a toy for you. and a toy for matt. sounds like a great week. and i think the basement looks great!

Anna Cosby said...

I can't believe how big Blake is. We sadly just had to get rid of our basketball hoop. We were having one of those days and the hoop was transformed into a motorcycle and the boys decided to try to kill each other over who got to ride in the front. Go figure. I hope yours remains a hoop for many moons.

Amy said...

A fantastic post and several things made me laugh. I just decided I'm not very funny in my posts, a shocker, I know. A dish? I wondered how you Ti-vo'd the BYU game all the way out in MI, when we can't even get it in AZ. I love the dishwasher story: how it rocks your world and how you wheel it in when you need it. Oh, and I'm thrilled for you about your basement.

Kelly said...

Score! Way to go. Dishwashers make like convenient.