Thursday, June 19, 2008

Which do you want first? (Thursday Three)

The good news or the bad news.

Bad news:
1. My mom left Seattle today. We had the best time with her and were really sad to see her go. Blake especially loved having some Grandma time.

2. This is how the hair stylist did my hair after my hair cut and I had to make the mile plus walk home looking like a freak. It did turn out to be a good hair cut though. The pictures don't do it justice. My mom couldn't stop laughing.

3. We didn't get any of these to go during our trip to West Seattle. Blake loved the water taxi and it was fun to explore a new place.

Good News:
1. My mom stayed on the pig the whole eight seconds.

2. The Kress IGA opened today. Our first downtown full size grocery store. My mom and I got up early and were among the first 10 shoppers!! Thanks IGA for the free gift bags. Sorry no pictures, but just imagine us both in our workout clothes at 6:50am. Looking good!!

3. I got some new walking shoes (thanks mom). Watch out Seattle, I am hitting the streets again tomorrow. My feet have been killing me in the shoes I brought so I am pretty pumped about my new shoes. They are not the essence of style, but comfort came first this time.


Gina said...

Megs you're hilarious. I'm so glad you got some good Jan time. And congrats on the new store! That's life changing!

jan said...

I am still feeling the effects of the wild pig ride, but an so proud of my efforts. Thanks for a great trip and a very funny post.

Keepin' up with the Jones' said...

cowboy up, mom. and i'm not sure what you are talking about - that hair-do is good news!i can't wait to get my new pair of shoes in the mail!! glad it was such a fun week.

Team Covey said...

did you say walking shoes? Make sure they're "walk with a purpose" shoes in honor of Jan. Cute hair! I'm using your pics to get my stylist to get mine right.

Jess said...

How fun to have your mom there! It is always so hard when they leave. I am loving the picture of Jan on the pig. Way to go Jan!

diddy said...

you are so spoiled

Kelly said...

That's such a cute hair don't look like a freak! I'm glad your mom got to visit.

Keepin' up with the Jones' said...

ditto on the diddy. jk. i did love christine's comment.